Magic Comedy By Nickey Fynn

NAME LIST :Magic Comedy มายากลตลกโดย นิคกี้ ฟินน์

TYPE :Magic Comedy


DESCRIPTION :การแสดงเปิดหมวกมายากลตลก


For the past ten years, Nickey Fynn has been entertaining audiences all around Thailand.  From television to radio, classrooms, corporate events, private parties and festivals.  Nickey Fynn has performed his style of comedy magic for literally hundreds of thousands of people across the Kingdom.

You can find Nickey Fynn at Cicada Market every Friday Saturday and Sunday. Showtimes at 7pm and 9pm.  Bring your friends, bring your family, and don't forget your grandmother!  Side splitting comedy and jaw dropping magic.  Guaranteed.

Nickey Fynn

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